Oh, The Research You Can Do With EBSCOhost!

You probably have a favorite EBSCOhost database where you go day-in and day-out for your research needs, but you may not know about all the great features provided in that database.
Rice Library’s latest LibGuide, EBSCOhost Databases, unveils all the ways to take advantage of EBSCOhost’s resources though a series of online tutorials and an in-depth factsheet. Some of the features discussed in this LibGuide include:

Personal Accounts: Create your own account to save searches and results, create customized folders, and share resources with other account users.

Controlled Vocabulary: Discover the search terms unique to each database for subject searching.

Limiters/Expanders: Learn about all the many methods to narrow or broaden searches.

Cited References: Find out just how much influence an author or article has had in their field.

Alerts: Produce reminders for the latest issues of your favorite journals and rerun searches for long-term research.

Once you learn about all these features, you’ll never know how you did research without them!